Executive Team

Our leadership team is comprised of industry experts, in technology, customer advocacy and business process outsourcing.  Their diverse background is reflected in our passion and focus on the overall customer experience and bringing analytics and a personal touch to customer care.

Evan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of RUI focusing his efforts on corporate strategy, client services and new client partnerships.

Evan Reiter


Mike is responsible for strategic initiatives, collaborating with the business and our clients to deliver data/speech analytics and a seamless omnichannel experience.

Mike Russell

Vice President of Operations

Tom and his team are responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining customer implementations.  Partnering with our clients to ensure RUI is delivering and adding value.

Tom Longstreet

Vice President of Operations

Patrick and his team are responsible for every facet of RUI’s technology including infrastructure, applications, data management, redundancy and disaster recovery.

Patrick Stevens

Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology

Lauren and her team interface with every facet of RUI and are responsible Quality Assurance, behavioral based coaching, compliance and campaign management.

Lauren Owens

Director of QA and Compliance

Rosemary is responsible for RUI’s business development and growth focusing on clients seeking strategic partners evaluating omnichannel alternatives for improved customer experience.

Rosemary de'Medici

Vice President of Business Development

Sarah is responsible for business development and growth within RUI focusing on clients seeking strategic CRM partners offering ‘white glove’ and highly customized brand ambassador service.

Sarah Quinn

Vice President Business Development

Mark is tasked with developing new opportunities in strategic categories populated by high-growth companies where customized, outsourced programs centered around best-in-class human interaction to scale are in increasing demand.

Mark Alexander

Vice President Business Development

Natasha leads our human resource team and is responsible for all aspects of employee relations and benefits, focused on continuous improvement and employee feedback.

Natasha Heine

Director of Human Resources

Fran and her team work with our clients to develop customized training incorporating cultural, product, service, and technical aspects for your customer experience.

Frances Maire

Director of Talent Development