Is The Human Factor Necessary?

January 30, 2019 by RUI Executive Team


Chatbots, public forums, and FAQ’s are increasing in popularity due to the ease of access and consumers desire for self-service. Businesses have embraced this by providing content rich FAQs and enhanced chatbot support to handle customer service needs. How often have you used a chatbot to get no useful solution or gone on the FAQ’s and not found your answer? If the only other option is to send an email and they might get back to you within 24 – 48 hours, how effective is this customer service? Often, these are the customer services provided by platforms or subscriptions that you are paying for. Customers expect that if they are paying for a service that their needs will be taken care of effectively which may start with self-service but may need to end with human interaction, a trained customer service representative. The self-service model does offer solutions for quick fixes and simple issues but does not always apply to the more complex issues that may arise. Although the advancement in chatbots and self-service tools have improved, it has not yet evolved to replace the need for human interaction.


What are the benefits of human interaction versus self-service? When speaking to a customer, you can better understand the mood, emotion, and temperament of the individual. This interaction establishes a degree of trust and confirmation that doesn’t exist with other channels of customer service. This also allows us to have an open dialogue to more accurately diagnosis problems and find the appropriate solutions. This is because most humans are better at speaking than they are with writing.  Never underestimate the human capacity to listen, process and respond appropriately to a conversation.


For companies to continually improve their support model, they should focus on a customer journey that is seamless at every touchpoint. This is not to say that self-service does not provide value.  However, human interaction and dialogue cannot be discounted. Poor customer service can lead a customer to evaluate competitors to meet their needs.  As you look to decide between alternatives, what offers the best customer experience? A balance of self-service and human interaction may be exactly what you customer is seeking.

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