Press “1” to make sure your customers never do business with you again.

Automated phone systems are most people’s nightmare, right? Your customers are engaging with your brand around the clock, and they’re expecting quick and accurate answers to their questions and concerns. Automation has to be done right. Doing it wrong leads them directly to your competitors.

Great automation, however, gives you personalization and consistency across all customer touchpoints.

We aren’t just talking about “phone trees.” We’re talking about artificial intelligence (AI)—the key to circumventing rising labor costs and meeting your customers’ demand for top-notch interactions on their timeline, not yours. RUI gives you the AI solutions you need to reinvent customer care. We deliver effective machine learning that builds on previous interactions, connecting voice and chat interactions into a seamless, friendly customer care experience. We design scalable, automated engagement processes that record contextual clues, adapt to customer feedback and know when to escalate a case to a brand ambassador. Turn nightmares into dreams by removing the frustration from automation. Then your customers will hang up the phone (or whatever device they like to use) with a smile on their face.

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