From chat to social to video to voice and mobile apps, RUI reduces friction with seamless interaction between channels.

The path a customer takes isn’t linear. Customers will engage with your brand on multiple channels and platforms by learning and asking questions that meet their schedule and timeline. They will stop and resume their journey a dozen times or more, eventually picking up the phone or initiating a chat. Will you be ready?

You will awe them with your understanding of their needs. In today’s competitive landscape, your customers expect you to be available whenever and wherever they are. A live agent, an automated call, an email and an online chat are simply pieces of a larger puzzle, and you have to solve the puzzle if you want to stay relevant.

That’s why RUI’s end-to-end services unite technology, talent and analytics to cater to your customer’s needs, providing them a seamless, personalized customer experience across all channels. Using technology and analytics, we evaluate and optimize your channel mix, automate workflows and give your leadership team real-time insights across the omnichannel environment. Knowing a customer’s history will provide the insights to predict their next action. Benchmarking customer behavior against a complement of other users will turn guesswork into probability. Segmenting customers based on probable future actions lets you deliver personalized product recommendations via chat, voice, email and more. Now all your channel paths converge at one place, the customer.

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