Predictive Modeling

RUI applies science to customer acquisition with Big Data and advanced analytics that track customer behaviors and buying patterns through your sales cycle.

Today’s marketing automation tools use geographic and demographic data to target buyers, run campaigns and measure outcomes to deliver customized messaging across every channel. Predictive modeling takes the process a step further, revolutionizing customer care by helping you identify opportunities at every stage of the customer’s buying cycle.

With the right mix of marketing automation and predictive modeling, RUI’s growth services are focused on unlocking insights that were once invisible to you.

RUI can help you analyze and evaluate data from multiple sources and business processes, with the output delivering actionable business plans. We’ll help you process structured and unstructured data in the form of social interactions, transactional data and behavior traits to reveal patterns that will grow customer lifetime value, retention and loyalty. Are you ready to convert data into meaningful customer insights? Are you ready to convert foresight into exceptional results? Are you ready for RUI?

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