AI and Machine Learning

Reimagine workflow and customer interaction with continually evolving artificial intelligence solutions that bring machine learning and predictive analytics to focus results.

Today’s consumers demand convenience and expect instant solutions. Is your organization poised and at the ready when your customers reach out?

RUI specializes in creating advanced automation systems that lift human interaction to a higher-level. Through the design and deployment of intelligent, adaptable technology, productivity is accelerated, and human performance increased and expanded by automating high-volume administrative and low-complexity tasks. Our solutions not only drive service costs down but empower customers and improve the employee experience.


Develop and Deploy an AI Strategy

Our advisory and design experts assess readiness and then reshape and deploy advanced automation solutions that deliver quality responses.  By driving intelligent business solutions, RUI guides and supports your organization in developing comprehensive AI systems and analytics that provide meaningful and actionable solutions.

Seamless Omnichannel Flow

Customers expect system-wide cross channel support in real-time.  Defining customer intent and guiding the process with machine learning, RUI delivers value to the business while integrating and connecting omnichannel platforms into a cohesive whole.



Exceed Customer Expectations

Provide your customers with swift, scalable automated technology through robotic process automation and intelligent virtual assistants.  By streamlining high volume administrative functions that handle queries directly or escalate as appropriate, brand loyalty will skyrocket.

Knowledge Base Management

Implementing a successful automation falls flat if you have a static or disparate knowledge base.  RUI can partner with your organization to effectively create and nurture your source of strength – your knowledge base.  From content migration to curation, RUI will create a single-source base that is engaging and relevant to your team as well as your customers.