The public sector has the same customer service needs as the private sector. Only here the “customers” are the citizens where legal and regulatory compliance dictates everything you do.

The similarities are significant. From budget shortfalls to increased expectations of engagement in a multichannel environment, governments and businesses can leverage RUI’s comprehensive customer care to close the service gap.

We give you the core strategic capabilities of an integrated contact center to maximize the processes of your city, state and federal agency, including:

  • Social Services
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Economic Development
  • Military
  • Workforce Development
  • Agency Administration

Our brand ambassadors come with the full complement of training they need to integrate into your agency. Beyond staffing, RUI’s strategic consulting services can help your division reduce costs with technology upgrades and integration. Our experienced strategy consultants can lead you with a complete overhaul of your customer care process to better serve your constituents.

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