It’s time to build your community. RUI knows how you can get your customers excited to share in your business mission, growing relationships and fostering deeper engagement along the way.

How does your business inspire advocacy? A “refer-a-friend” program? Social media “share” buttons on your landing pages?



Attention-grabbing promotional campaigns can grow your customer base, sure. But it takes continued engagement to keep those hearts and minds in the long run. Yes, referral discounts and other incentives can help, but it’s more important that your customers feel like they have a relationship with your brand.


Spread the word

Are you ready to inspire brand advocacy with every interaction? RUI will help you give your customers tangible value they’ll be eager to tell their friends about. We will show you how to delight your customers with “above and beyond” service that inspires devotion to your brand.

Reward loyalty

Incentives can be used as a starting point for staying connected without looking like a gimmick or spam mail, but RUI has tools to increase market share and “mind share” by turning your customers into an army of brand advocates.