RUI gives you optimized processes for managed customer services across every phase of the lifecycle, from awareness to retention. But the magic begins with acquiring new customers.

The customers you don’t have yet are the ones who have all the power. They are the ones who can evaluate you and your competition with just a few clicks. Say or do the wrong thing and they’re gone, and you’ll never see them again.



So how do you get your message through in the noisy and overcrowded technology driven marketing environment? How do you convert prospects and give your business the consideration it deserves?


Finding and engaging

Finding and engaging new customers is one thing. Finding and engaging them at the right time, when they’re ready to buy is what really counts. RUI helps you reach people through the channels they like to use. Just as important, we can help you reach them at the right time.

Lead generation

Our customer acquisition tools combine big data, advanced analytics, technology and omnichannel touchpoints with an empathetic human interaction. Whether social media, display, video, email and more we elevate lead generation and engagement into an enjoyable experience. As a future customer works their way along the buyer’s journey, you’ll be able to engage them so each touch point enchances the customer experience and feels natural.




Before you know it, RUI’s demand strategies will have lowered your acquisition costs and improved your retention rates allowing you to shift sales and marketing spend to new priorities and new markets.