Having trouble extending engagement beyond the initial transaction? RUI can help you make sure there are many happy returns in your customer relationships.

Would you agree that customer attrition is a hard reality of business? It doesn’t have to be.


An existing customer is far more valuable than a new customer. That’s why RUI’s retention and expansion programs are designed to captivate customers in an omnichannel world.


Build relationships

You’re in the relationship-building business now, and RUI will help you build and maintain those relationships. We’ll give your customers the options they want as you nurture their interactions and surround them with relevant messages at the precise moments they want or need to hear them.


RUI’s integrated solution puts technology in the hands of trained brand ambassadors who know how to turn your customers into loyal fans of your brand. We have omnichannel retention and upsell strategies that will keep your customers coming back again and again.



Data-driven results

We’ll “wow” your customers with service while “wowing” your leadership team with data-driven analytics. Our customer experience journey mapping will help you understand purchase cycles, while our churn prediction tools will help you identify the problems that drive customers to look to your competitors for help. RUI won’t let your hard-earned business trickle away after the first sale.