Bringing service to sales means transforming a traditional Customer Relationship Management culture into a Value Transmission culture.

Is your customer engagement center a massive business expense? Or is it a massive sales and customer retention opportunity?


RUI knows how to transform customer relationship management into increased sales through product offers and recommendations. To put it another way, we can transform your support center into an avenue that provides additional value to customers.


First line

Your support associates are your front line in customer interaction, and they’re in the perfect position to create revenue-generating experiences that enhance the customer experience. RUI understands that delivering value and service is the only way to do this. In fact, our brand ambassadors know how to turn service conversations into sales opportunities resulting in a positive customer experience.

We sell; but first, we listen and help.

Stop looking at the cost of customer engagement and ask yourself, “What is the cost of not doing it right?” What is the cost to get a new customer versus the cost of keeping an existing customer? With personalized care interactions galvanized by value-added upselling and cross-selling programs, you can turn the “upsell” into customer retention.