The Experience

RUI combines digital strategy, technology and analytics to deliver a true omnichannel experience to enable “always-open” customer interactions.


Today’s customer journey brings new business though email, social media, chat and other digital “doors.”

In a sense, the front door to your business is always open. Ignore one channel and you might as well hang a “closed” sign out for the world to see.

RUI has the technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences in the cloud, in real-time and across every digital channel. Our digital brand ambassadors help you imagine, design, build, implement and optimize the perfect customer journey. We combine human-focused consulting with advanced analytics and machine learning to set the stage for seamless, high-tech multichannel interactions.

Get ready. Wherever and whenever your next customer is ready to stop window shopping and come see what you have to offer, RUI will be there.


Predictive Actions





Voice of the Customer