How does RUI deliver exceptional customer experiences? Our solution to every customer experience challenge starts with unified customer data.

Does it feel like there’s something lost in translation between the story told in your CRM and the issue you’re hearing about from the customer on the phone? Delivering exceptional customer experiences means making every interaction a continuation of the last one.

Don’t make customers start from square one at every touchpoint. Pick up a call where the last one left off and don’t waste the customer’s time.

It takes a seamless, integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system to give you a “360-degree view” into every channel. An optimized CRM system is a knowledge base that can help both the customer and the brand ambassadors helping them. RUI’s CRM solutions let you route calls to the most appropriate brand ambassadors, who then have the full call history in front of them to deliver a seamless customer experience. The result? You’ll achieve more first-contact resolutions, more robust self-service options and a consistent omnichannel customer experience.