Real-time Customer Feedback

Utilize RUI to tap into real-time customer data and insights, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to your customers’ needs and wants. Drive transformation and improvement through the feedback of the people closest to your product and brand – your customers.

Learn from your customers, predict their next actions, and create solutions that establish retention and revenue growth. Customers should be heard on all platforms. From surveys to social media and beyond, RUI captures insights from any touchpoint along the customer journey.

Our contact centers are also data centers – analyze and leverage the structured and unstructured data from front-line interactions across the omnichannel.

Let us drive your feedback process through any channel: email and phone surveys, SMS, in-app messaging, IVR and many more. RUI has developed tools that use predictive analysis to humanize digital touchpoints, reward specific customer actions and stimulate revenue growth. Convert text and voice feedback from surveys, reviews and more into actionable insights that can lead to significant changes from your team and company.

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