Retail & eCommerce

From changing regulations to high-tech innovations in privacy and fraud detection, the financial services industries aren’t for the faint of heart. One thing remains constant: The importance of best-in-class customer care.

Online shoppers typically only pick up the phone when they have a problem or need help, and when they do they expect there to be a real person on the other end. Regardless of how they request the service, chat, text, email, or online, they expect the same frictionless experience as when they call to speak to a live agent.

Failure to deliver impacts the customer experience and brand loyalty.

RUI knows how to train brand ambassadors for success in a fiercely competitive ecommerce marketplace. Our training includes playbooks with scripting based on various customer scenarios, proprietary journey management tools, and prompts based on a customer’s buying history. RUI is your customer relationship partner. We help you attract, engage and retain retail consumers, and then we help you cultivate their ongoing loyalty. We’re strategic ecommerce brand ambassadors, and we’re great at what we do! You can depend on RUI for talent, and you’ll also get expert multichannel online commerce marketing and consumer intelligence analysis. Let us keep your online shopping carts rolling!

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