Utilities & Energy

The utilities environment is changing rapidly. Consumers have high expectations from their providers to not only offer reliable and affordable service, but also outstanding support.

RUI is a holistic solution, handling the customer journey, from sales to ongoing customer care, enabling your company to focus on your area of expertise. RUI’s brand ambassadors proactively support your customers through complex issues ranging from billing to terms of service and future changes in plans. These strategies help find solutions on initial interactions, increasing trust and improving transparency and brand loyalty.

We understand what it takes to differentiate your brand.

Interrupted services and confusing billing can often cause a negative customer experience. Now more than ever, customers will remain loyal to a provider that promotes transparency and actively informs them about their billing, services and interruptions. That’s why RUI ensures that each customer interaction is focused on reducing friction and providing solutions that deliver the best possible experience. Our brand ambassadors care as much about forming a lifelong relationship with your customers as you do.

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