Contact Center Solutions Through Cloud-Based Technology

Capturing vast contact center expertise, the RUI team provides solutions to create personalized and customer-focused experiences using innovative technology and AI-enhanced platforms.

Does your organization create a positive and repeatable connection with each customer as they engage with your business? Or do you risk losing them to your competitor who is just one click away?

Without a doubt, today’s consumers have more choices than ever. Great customer experiences use real-time insights seamlessly across all digital channels that provide engagement and enable interactive, personalized service that’s convenient and accessible.


Cloud-Based Contact Technology

A cutting-edge contact center provides faster and more efficient customer engagement through cloud technology. By developing an innovative real-world strategy from ideation to implementation, RUI partners with companies to realize expanded bottom line results and boost the customer experience to the highest level.

Deploy Technology Forward

With over 30 years of contact center expertise, RUI blends innovative operations support, industry-leading platform application knowledge, and state-of-the-art training capabilities to deliver outstanding contact center solutions. Our know-how will create the foundation for forward-thinking advances benefiting customers today and tomorrow.



Look Beyond Measurable Outcomes

With rapidly changing technology, you need a partner that delivers progressive, solutions-oriented digital experiences for you and your customers. By challenging traditional business models and disrupting the status quo, RUI brings innovative, cloud-based formulas that drive performance and lead the industry in guiding customer-led experiences.

Knowledge Base Management

Implementing a successful automation falls flat if you have a static or disparate knowledge base.  RUI can partner with your organization to effectively create and nurture your source of strength – your knowledge base.  From content migration to curation, RUI will create a single-source base that is engaging and relevant to your team as well as your customers.