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January 11, 2022 Andrew Reiter




How Do I Start Outsourcing Support With RUI?

Meet the Team

During the program launch and setup, we’ll work together to make sure everything goes smoothly. We gather the training materials, standard operating procedures, QA templates, ideal agent profiles, and day-to-day responsibilities to prepare for training and recruitment.

From the start, we'll identify critical areas of knowledge and customize training programs to meet specific goals. We’ll align on the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to provide your customers a competitive customer experience.

What Materials Are Needed for Training?

Your customers deserve support from people who know your business inside and out. We work with you to gather any materials related to your products and services and internal processes and will let you know if we see gaps in documentation.

Materials can include:

  • Product sheets
  • Documentation of internal processes
  • Current tech stack
  • Brand guidelines

What Is the Recruitment Process?

Our emphasis is on alignment and quality over quantity. We gather an expert team with the right skill set to meet your needs. We screen candidates for experience, technical knowledge, communication skills, and more.

We handle the job posting and interview processes to get you top talent. Once candidates pass interviews, skill assessment, language tests, and background and reference checks, we hire the top 10% of talent.

What Is the Training Process?

RUI has an extensive curriculum and learning management system in place by the time agents are recruited. With a 15:1 agent to trainer ratio, we set agents up for success. Each agent gets rigorous training and 1-on-1 attention so they understand your brand, processes, platforms, and values.

  • Gamification 
  • Role-Playing 
  • Scavenger Hunts 
  • Agent Shadowing Agent
  • Q & A 
  • Topic Tests 
  • Final Tests

By providing the right training and knowledge management, we equip you with a workforce that is competent, culturally aligned, and customer-obsessed. We develop our agents’ skills in communication, product feature and application, customer advocacy, and conflict resolution.

Are Agents Retrained and Coached?

Quality assurance is one of our top priorities, and training and coaching are ongoing. Support agents get regular feedback from hands-on supervisors based on updates, call recordings, and agent performance. We provide continuing education, so agents are improving every day. 

Our agents know you meet your goals when they meet theirs. We set goals for our agents, track progress, and bring team input into our action plan.

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