Net Promoter Score

October 1, 2020 Andrew Reiter


What is NPS?

In a question, Net Promoter Score determines, on a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend a [brand, product, service] to a friend or colleague?

NPS is a key indicator, determining how a customer feels on a broader, long-term basis. NPS surveys tell us about the loyalty of a customer through their likelihood to recommend.

With scores ranging from -100 to 100, the benchmark is calculated by finding the % of Promoters (9-10) and subtracting the % of Detractors (0-6). Passives (7-8) are neutral and are not taken into account when calculating the score.

Case Study: RUI in Media & Communications

Among RUI's partners in the Media industry, the average improvement in NPS since March 2020, relative to the industry average, was 48 points. By gathering unstructured and structured data from post-interaction surveys, we are able to analyze the factors that drive a customer to recommend a brand. The two that surfaced the most were "Good Customer Service" and "Helpful Representative."

Regardless of the industry, it is our goal to turn your Passives and Detractors into Promoters, and to retain the loyalty of your current Promoters. Now more than ever consumers need to know they are being heard and understood. A great customer experience is now a major differentiator for brands. By Humanizing a brand, we are combining the best talent with the most recent technology, creating a personalized experience within each individual interaction.

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