Outcome-Driven Customer Acquisition Service

Acquiring new customers is serious business; let us design sales outsourcing engagement strategies through advanced analytics and targeted goals.

Would you benefit from a partner that drove new business and incremental revenue your direction while exceeding your customers’ expectations? Could you use exponential growth in leads conversion?

Whether B2B or B2C, innovative engagement strategies would optimize your current digital marketing focus and increase the quality of leads.  By outsourcing your sales support, you would lower your customer acquisition costs using best practices for lead generation.  With RUI’s extensive experience, your organization would benefit from the most advanced sales outsourcing opportunities, including automation technologies and marketing support, to drive leads home.


Sales Outsourcing as an Opportunity

When organizations struggle with protracted sales cycles or low conversion rates, sales outsourcing may provide a great opportunity to augment a low-performing sales team to boost business and motivate existing team members.  Outsourcing activities related to sales can help an organization to work smarter and increase leads and sales.

Utilizing a Data-Driven Approach

With a scalable, data-driven approach, an organization can use predictive modeling through digital channels to deliver positive outcomes.  By leveraging technology, new customers are delivered through advanced automation techniques that span all business segments from enterprise to startup.



Augmenting Growth through the Contact Center

Managing the customer through their entire lifecycle requires diligence and focused attention.  By supporting sales through the contact center you increase incremental revenue and complement customer satisfaction for the long term.  Additionally, loyalty and retention programs can be effectively managed to reduce churn and win back customers.