Starting Up a Strong CX Program

We offer comprehensive, customized business models for startup brands supported by our extensive knowledge and experience in contact center technology and operational infrastructure.

Is your brand growing exponentially at hyper-speed?  Do you want a fully functioning customer contact center as quickly as possible, but don’t know where to begin?

RUI will partner with you to create a custom contact center that exceeds your requirements in the timeframe you need.  By utilizing our vast knowledge of digital technology, facilities, operations, and rapid hiring and training of high-quality brand ambassadors, your center can be up and running in record time.

Customers Expect Amazing

Without a doubt, customers today expect (and deserve) outstanding service delivered through the technology that they prefer in real-time.  Young startups understand that and want to develop an outstanding CX strategy for the long term.

Why Recreate the Wheel

There’s no reason why your startup organization has to relearn everything; so much today can be parceled out to the most qualified.  We are gratified by working with young startups and find their energy and enthusiasm infectious. Whether you have questions about digital options or want to explore different contact center models, RUI can answer your questions and support you in your growth.