Explore Our Suite of Fraud Prevention and Detection Services

A brand with a reputation for being trustworthy distinguishes you from the crowd.  Maintaining that distinction is becoming more difficult every day.

Are you able to keep your customers’ data safe and secure? Do you have a fraud prevention and content moderation strategy?

No one wants to be in the news as the latest data breach catastrophe. At RUI, we understand the profound responsibility you have 24/7. A big commitment for any business is cultivating trust and creating safe and secure experiences for your customers. We want to help you in fighting fraud to eliminate losses or liabilities from bad actors.


Customer Safety 24/7

Online security is critical to any business especially when managing or housing personal, financial or credit card information. It is possible to spend less time worrying about your site security when you engage or outsource your fraud management program.  RUI employs highly trained security professionals using the latest technology and well versed in up-to-the-minute scams and risky behaviors to monitor, detect, and respond in real-time.

Mediation and Appeals Solutions

Settling mediation, appeals, and fraud disputes in a timely manner is critical.  RUI delivers 24/7 coverage for dispute resolution to offload this potentially overwhelming task to a neutral third-party thereby freeing your team to pursue higher level functions such as sales and customer service.



Social Media Watch

Through a dedicated mix of technology and human intervention, RUI can support you by monitoring social media communities for potential customer concerns, legal or compliance issues, and brand identity concerns. We help you to find and resolve or eliminate the problem before permanent damage can be done.