The Importance of a Title

Why a Title Matters

A call center agent, a service representative, and a brand ambassador. These are three titles that can be interchangeable for a position at a contact center. If these titles can all be used to describe one role, does it matter what we call it? The answer is yes, a name matters. The reason why names and titles are important is because it gives us meaning and is how we identify ourselves and our actions. “We all want to feel important at our places of business, because we are important” (Forbes). A title is used to base our perception of value to ourselves and others. It is what we tell people and ourselves we do for a living. “The combination of words that appear on our business card can provide power for us as we communicate with others” (Huffington Post). A title can be used for good and for bad in an organization. A company can utilize titles effectively by inspiring and empowering workers to make them feel that they are contributing and that the work they are doing is important. However, it can become negative when people use their titles to leverage power and belittle others by flaunting their higher position. There is much debate whether titles should or should not be given in a company, but that is not what is important, the perception of titles is what matters.

Perception of Value

A call center agent, this title makes the potential employee believe that they going to be cramped into a small cubical and forced to read a script all day. This is not what the application says but it is how the title is viewed. A service representative can be perceived as someone who will assist those who are in need but also as someone who gets blamed for everything and is now responsible to fix the issue.  The title of a brand ambassador is created to have someone who brings in value for a brand and acts as a bridge between that brand and the customers. This title inspires loyalty and the desire to continue adding value. Three names of one position that is acquainted with endless perceptions of the title. The correct title will make an employee take pride in what they do and come to work excited, every single day. So what is there to do? Use the titles to promote loyalty and performance.

Businesses Need Brand Ambassadors

There is a reason behind each title. Carefully crafted to make them feel important and take pride in the value they deliver in the day to day basis. How is this done? Motivation and inspiration. Simple enough, give the power to the employees and let them perform. By providing them with a title an employee can feel confident and proud, they will work harder and have more job satisfaction. Businesses are no longer looking for bodies to fill a desk and make mindless calls all day long. They need partners in building and establishing client relationships by adding value to a brand. Feeling important and seeing how your work is making an impact will drive your results. Leaders are built and bonds are made that create unity and loyalty. Having a brand ambassador title is more fulfilling and worthwhile than another company that just needs a call center agent.

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